Jeff Diaz, Executive Editor, Golf Vacations Magazine, Delray Beach, Florida

“At Golf Vacations magazine we only work with professional writers who provide our readers with interesting and descriptive articles about golf and golf vacation locations. You definitely do this for us. Keep up the good work”.

Susan Bejeckian, SBPR, Los Angeles, California

“Thanks for the fabulous coverage of Fiji. We truly appreciate your fine work”.

Gaylene Ore, Ore Communications, Granby, Colorado

“Thank you for your excellent article on Grand Junction and Montrose golf following your familiarization trip. I am sure it will generate additional interest in the opportunities we have here in the area for great vacations for golfers and non-golfers”.

Bruce W. Cook, Publisher, Newport Beach, California

“For some five years from 2002 to 2007 Chuck Miller was a regular contributor to Grand Tour Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication in Southern California direct mailed to high income demographic residential and business readers. Miller served as Grand Tour’s golf expert writing on golf related travel, technique and topography. Consistently Miller’s copy was fresh, informative and well received by our readers who often wrote in praising his efforts. He also supplied outstanding professional photography and met every deadline with perfectly edited copy. He was an asset to Grand Tour and continues to be a trusted voice on the subject of golf wherever he places copy”.