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In today's busy world, travel has become an excellent way to relax and enjoy life. Whether it is for a short weekend or an extended vacation. Travel is on the minds of people the world over because travel means visiting and/or reading about exciting new places, meeting interesting people and learning new things. Take advantage of my travel background, writing skills and my love of life and travel. Let my experience gained in travels to all seven continents, 93 countries and all 50 states in the U.S. help you promote your venue, your region or your country.

I understand the importance of tailoring my articles to the readers of the newspapers, magazines and Internet sites that publish my articles. Domestic and international Convention and Visitors Bureaus, public relations firms, golf vacation resorts and golf courses call on me when they want to promote their areas, their courses and their golf vacation facilities because my informative golf articles are read by thousands of golfers.

I guarantee if you call on me to write a 1000-1500 word article with photos about your venue, it will be timely, informative and upbeat. My editor at Golf Vacations Magazine, and those I work with, appreciate my professional approach, my follow through and the quality of my articles. Readers will want to play your course, stay at your resort or hotel and/or vacation in your area.

Chuck Miller Articles



Bruce W. Cook, Publisher, Newport Beach, California

“For some five years from 2002 to 2007 Chuck Miller was a regular contributor to Grand Tour Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication in Southern California direct mailed to high income demographic residential and business readers. Miller served as Grand Tour’s golf expert writing on golf related travel, technique and topography. Consistently Miller’s copy was fresh, informative and well received by our readers who often wrote in praising his efforts. He also supplied outstanding professional photography and met every deadline with perfectly edited copy. He was an asset to Grand Tour and continues to be a trusted voice on the subject of golf wherever he places copy”.

Gaylene Ore, Ore Communications, Granby, Colorado

“Thank you for your excellent article on Grand Junction and Montrose golf following your familiarization trip. I am sure it will generate additional interest in the opportunities we have here in the area for great vacations for golfers and non-golfers”.

Susan Bejeckian, SBPR, Los Angeles, California

“Thanks for the fabulous coverage of Fiji. We truly appreciate your fine work”.

Jeff Diaz, Executive Editor, Golf Vacations Magazine, Delray Beach, Florida

“At Golf Vacations magazine we only work with professional writers who provide our readers with interesting and descriptive articles about golf and golf vacation locations. You definitely do this for us. Keep up the good work”.


About Chuck

  • Graduate of San Jose State University with a major in Public Relations.
  • 30 years domestic and international sales and marketing experience.
  • 15 years’ experience as a free-lance golf and travel writer.
  • Appointed and managed the initial international golf distribution networks for two U.S. golf companies, Alien Golf and Adams Golf.
  • Member of the United States Golf Association (USGA), the Arkansas State Golf Association (ASGA) and the Golf Travel Writers Association (GTWA).
  • Has visited all seven continents, ninety-three countries and all fifty states.

I have traveled to, written about, and have had articles published about visiting and playing golf in Bermuda, Canada, Fiji, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, Morocco and Switzerland, as well as numerous locales in the U.S. My articles will help you promote your golf courses, resorts, cities and/or regions.

50-State Golf Tour

Golfing the U.S. with Chuck Miller, The Traveling Guy, was a new concept in golf and travel reporting when it debuted on the nationally syndicated golf show Real Golf Radio on January 7, 2012. Each Saturday morning through December 15, 2012, I reported live from a different state as I traveled and played golf throughout the U.S.

I brought Real Golf Radio listeners upbeat and informative reports about golf and points of interest in each of the fifty states I was visiting. My reports helped listeners conjure up fantasies of birdies and pars and gave those in Real Golf Radio’s vast listening audience the opportunity to vicariously visit all 50 states.

During my fifty-week, fifty-state driving golf tour, I reported about my experiences visiting and playing golf from Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Maine. All but three courses I reported on were open for public play. Some were in the mountains, some at the seashore, some were in urban areas and some were in the desert. Some were municipal courses, some were resort courses. A few were private courses open to the public on specific days.

My reports appealed to both golfers and male and female non-golfing companions as they included snippets of information about local, cultural, and scenic spots as well as tips on places to stay, shop, dine and just have fun. They gave Golfing the U.S. with Chuck Miller The Traveling Guylisteners insight into golf and travel throughout the United States.

To listen to my reports on your favorite states, click on the Radio and TV Interviews link and then click on to your favorite states. I think you will find my two-minute and fifteen second reports interesting, educational and entertaining.

To purchase the book I wrote about my fifty-week adventure on the roadGolfing the U.S. – Reflections on a 50-Week, 50-State Golf Odyssey, go to Amazon and type in Golfing the U.S. The book is an easy and entertaining read for anyone who enjoys golf and/or learning about things to see and do in cities and towns across the U.S. It is available in both paperback and Kindle versions.




My book, Golfing the U.S. - Reflections on a 50-Week, 50-State Golf Odyssey, offers readers who enjoy golf and/or traveling a vicarious trip through all fifty states. It takes you on the rood with me as I drive to and play golf in all fifty states.

You will enjoy reading about "places to play and places to stay" as well as the interesting locales I visited, the wonderful people I met and the good bad and ugly events I encountered while driving 21.503 miles during eleven and one-half months on the road.

My book appeals to both golfers, and male and female non-golfing companions, as it includes information about local, cultural and scenic spots as well as tips on places to shop, dine and just have fun. It is not a “how to play golf” book. It is an account of my adventurous fifty weeks on the road playing golf in every state.

The book is an easy and entertaining read with short chapters dealing with golf and activities in each of our fifty states. A click on Golfing the U.S. on Amazon will, for no cost or obligation, give you the opportunity to view the front and back covers, check out the table of contents, and read the first few chapters. Once you have done that, you can decide if you would like to purchase the book. It is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

P.S. It makes a great gift for friends and family who enjoy golf and traveling.