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In today's busy world, travel has become an excellent way to relax and enjoy life.  Whether it is for a short weekend or an extended vacation, travel is on the minds of people the world over because travel means visiting and/or reading about exciting new places, meeting interesting people, learning new things. Take advantage of my travel background, writing skills and my love of life and travel.  Let my experience gained in travels to all seven continents, 88 countries and 50 states in the US help you promote your venue, your region or your country. I understand the importance of tailoring my articles to the readers of the newspapers, magazines and Internet sites that publish my articles.  Whatever I write about, whether it be the thrill of stepping foot on Antarctica, swimming in the blue-green waters of the Caribbean, visiting Europe's medieval cities, enjoying a relaxing ocean cruise, or attending a Kava ceremony in Fiji, I write with my editors and readers in mind.  This I will do for you. I am a regular contributor to Golf Vacations Magazine.  My articles have also been published in Grand Tour Magazine, Southern California Senior Living, The East County Californian and Golf & Lifestyle Magazine.  Because of my highly informative and entertaining style of writing and my excellent follow through, editors and tourism boards are always highly pleased with my articles.  You will be too. Contact me today at 501-922-1101 or email me at to discuss your needs for a qualified and well published travel writer who will promote your venue, region or country. miller amazon 960